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Sunday, November 2, 2014

In TAG Nov 3-7

Upcoming Events
Monday 3 November Evacuation Drill and Whole School Photo
Friday 6 November Remembrance Day Assembly.
Monday 10 November Inservice Day.
Tuesday 11 November Remembrance Day - no school.
Tuesday 12-14 November Bake Sale to support courtyard upkeep.
Friday 14 November Tie Dye Day sponsored by Wasylik's TAG 

Health Education
This week we continue with our focus on health.  In counselling we often hear from kids that they struggle with getting a good sleep.  We know that healthy eating, adequate sleep, and regular exercise all contribute to good mental health.  So this week we are learning about sleep and physical activity:

Teen Sleep Quiz This link tests students' knowledge about sleep.  It includes answers as well.

How Much Sleep Do I Need? This link is a handout with good information about teens' sleep needs.  Even if you just read it ahead of time and share the information with students, that would be great.  Or, post it on an overhead for all to read.

Activity Tips for Teens - Public Health Website This website suggests activities for teens and the benefits of being physically active.  Consider ending this with brainstorming a list of the activities that your students do on a regular basis.