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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

In TAG November 12-14

Upcoming Events
Tuesday 12-14 November Bake Sale to Support Courtyard Upkeep
Friday 14 November Tie Dye Day sponsored by Wasylik's TAG
A Pep Rally and a Moustache Day...Dates to be announced ASAP...

It's A Short Week...
It's a really short week, and it's just about time to start into our Lion's Quest materials again, so we are going to take a little break from Health and Career and do a survey.  Since our leadership students are going to scramble to pull together a pep rally in short order, we are looking for some ideas/feedback/input from your students.  Here is a little brainstorm activity that asks for their suggestions for our upcoming pep rally.  It's great when we have more students involved in planning and taking part, so this is a great opportunity for all students to have a voice.  Of course, we won't be able to do it all, but we will keep all suggestions in mind as we plan future events.  

Here's the survey:  Pep Rally Suggestions

I also found this website with pep rally ideas that may be helpful: Andy's Impact Presentations

The sooner you can provide your TAG's feedback, the better since we will need to start planning this week.