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Friday, November 28, 2014

In TAG Dec 1- 5

Upcoming Events
Mon 1 December Food Drive begins in TAG (ends 12 December)
Fri 5 December Pro-D Day
Tues 9 December - 11 Dec Photos with Santa
Tues 16 December Red White and Green Day
Wed 17 December Holiday Hat Day
Thurs 18 December Tacky Sweater Day
Fri 19 December Christmas Assembly

Food Drive Dec 1 - 12
All TAG classes should have received their Food Drive information and tree thermometer by now.  Boxes are available in the Middle Earth.  TAG classes will be asked to report on their goal so that we can start a school-wide tree thermometer to track our progress. Here is a link to the information sheet: Brock Food Drive 2014

Here is a link to information about hunger in Canada with a video clip: Hunger Canada  

Looking for some Christmas Craft ideas for TAG?
Here are a few links that might be useful.  Feel free to decorate your room or hallway.  

6 Point Paper Snowflakes 
3D Paper Snowflakes 
Paper chains are always easy to do (coloured paper in the library, Middle Earth, and 203

Lions Quest this week...
Here is a copy of the tentative delivery schedule:

This week:
Grade 7 Classes: 
Unit 1 Entering the Teen Years Lesson 5 Part 2: Getting to Know You
Grade 8/9 Classes:
This week grade 8/9 classes are using supplementary Lesson 4b.  It is not included in your published packages, so here is the link: Lesson 4b (Dec 1-5)*

*I have also made a hard copy of each supplementary lesson.  These copies are posted on the bulletin board in the mailroom so you can make additional copies for yourself.