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Sunday, November 16, 2014

In TAG November 17-21

Upcoming Events
Thurs 20 November Early dismissal for PT Interviews
Fri 21 November Pyjama Day sponsored by Hafeli
Thurs 27 November Pep Rally in G block starting at 12:40
Fri 5 December Pro-D Day
Fri 21 November Pyjama Day sponsored by Hafeli

Lions Quest begins this week...
This week we begin with our delivery of Lions Quest lessons.  
Here is a copy of the tentative delivery schedule:
The schedule is a work in progress; however, it is pretty solid until the middle of January. I recommend printing off at least the first page and putting it with your TAG materials.

So...this week please ensure that each of your students has a "Changes and Challenges" workbook.  If you are short on workbooks, there are boxes of new books in Middle Earth.  They are stacked at the beginning of the aisle where TAG materials are stored.  Please help yourself to the books you need.  

Grade 7 Classes: Begin with Unit 1: Entering the Teen Years Lesson 3.  

Grade 8/9 Classes: Begin with Unit 4: Improving Peer Relationships Lesson 4. 

Please note that the next two weeks of grade 8/9 Lions Quest will use lessons that are supplementary to the books we have received.  I am providing the links here so anyone wanting to run them off ahead of time has access: