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Sunday, October 5, 2014

In TAG October 6 - 10

Upcoming Events
Monday 6 October Photo day.

Thursday 9 October Reach Out Psychosis at 2:00 grades 8/9.
Friday 10 October is Twin Day sponsored by Stromgren's TAG.
Monday 13 October no school.
October 28th-30th Brock's Own Haunted House is open at lunch.
Friday 31 October is the Halloween Dance at lunch.
Friday 6 November Remembrance Assembly.
Monday 10 November Inservice Day.

Would your TAG like to Sponsor a Theme Day?
A big thank you to Ms. Stromgren's TAG class who have started the ball rolling this year and already asked to sponsor a school-wide theme day on October 10th.  If your TAG class would like to sponsor a theme day, this is what you need to know:
1. Pick a FRIDAY.  Check the Zimbra calendar to make sure it's  
2. Choose a theme.  Make sure it's accessible (easy for many to 
    participate and not too risky for our more timid students).
3. Notify Nikki.  I'll make sure it's on the Zimbra calendar and 
    the TAG blog.
4. Advertise your events.  Make posters, write announcements, 
    promote in TAG classes, etc.
5. Enjoy the school spirit!  

LIVE Matrix Lessons
This week we have an assembly for the grade 8 and 9 students, so it seems appropriate to cover our LIVE Matrix for assemblies:
Assemblies Lesson
Assemblies Lesson Handout
If you have time, and if you haven't already reviewed all of the LIVE Matrix rules for hallway and cafeteria, please complete these this week.