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Sunday, September 28, 2014

In TAG September 29 - October 3

Getting in the Groove Yet?  
If you haven't already hit your stride yet with TAG, this week might be the ticket...
If you haven't been on the blog yet this year, check out the first post below for some helpful links.
Upcoming Events
Tuesday 30 September is Orange Shirt Day
Friday 3 October Leadership students meet grade 7s in TAG.
Monday 6 October Photo day.
Friday 10 October Theme day to be announced.

Orange Shirt Day
Please promote wearing an orange shirt on Tuesday.  More importantly, please explain WHY we have Orange shirt day.  Here is a link to the official Orange Shirt website.
Orange Shirt Day

Wanna Sponsor a Theme Day?
A big thank you to Ms. Stromgren's TAG class who have started the ball rolling this year and already asked to sponsor a school-wide theme day on October 10th.  If your TAG class would like to sponsor a theme day, this is what you need to know:
1. Pick a FRIDAY.  Check the Zimbra calendar to make sure it's  
2. Choose a theme.  Make sure it's accessible (easy for many to 
    participate and not too risky for our more timid students).
3. Notify Nikki.  I'll make sure it's on the Zimbra calendar and 
    the TAG blog.
4. Advertise your events.  Make posters, write announcements, 
    promote in TAG classes, etc.
5. Enjoy the school spirit!  

LIVE Matrix Lessons
If you haven't already started Matrix lessons, last week we started with ALL SETTINGS.  This week we are on to the first of the hallway and cafeteria lessons. 
Taking time to review the matrix with our students helps to set the tone and expectations for the year.
For this lessons, you will need the following resources...
All Settings Lesson and Handouts
Blank LIVE Matrix
Here is the lesson plan...
Hallways and Cafeteria Lesson 1
While you are out in the hallways, please review proper etiquette:  walk on the right, hands to yourself, and feet off the benches.  Thank you for this.