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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Week 1 Welcome Back

Welcome back to school!  
Admin will have a number of tasks for you this week.  In addition to these start-up tasks, we will begin with Matrix lessons.

Why Are We Doing TAG?
The rationale for TAG can easily be lost as the year goes along.  The main purpose is building relationships and supporting students through the year.  Your are their cheerleader, their champion, and their advocate.  Have a look at this quick summary: 
What is the Point of TAG Anyway?

Setting Up Your TAG
Take the time this week to start relationship-building within your TAG.  Here are a few ice breakers that might be helpful:
40 Ice Breakers

Binder and Page Set-Up
We have universal expectations for organizing binders and notes at Brock.  Here is a template for your students:
Handout for Page Set-Up and Binder Set-Up

LIVE Matrix Lessons
It's time again to start our year with a review of the LIVE Matrix.  Taking time to review the matrix with our students helps to set the tone and expectations for the year.
For this lessons, you will need the following resources...
All Settings Lesson and Handouts
Blank LIVE Matrix