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Monday, October 20, 2014

What's Happening in TAG October 20-24

Upcoming Events
Thursday 23 October Grade 7s meet with leadership students in TAG
Thursday 24 October Pink Day and bake sale for Breast Cancer Awareness 
Friday 24 October Pro-D Day
October 28th-30th Brock's Own Haunted House is open at lunch.
Friday 31 October is the Halloween Dance at lunch.
Friday 6 November Remembrance Day Assembly.
Monday 10 November Inservice Day.
Tuesday 11 November Remembrance Day - no school.
Tuesday 12-14 November Bake Sale to support courtyard upkeep.
Friday 14 November Tie Dye Day sponsored by Wasylik's TAG 

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month
On Thursday 23rd, Carole's class is planning a Breast Cancer Awareness day on(because October is Breast Cancer Awareness month).  To that end, her class has planned a Pink Day on Thursday 23rd and a bake sale at recess and lunch the same day.

Would your TAG like to Sponsor a Theme Day?
It's not too late to sponsor a theme day.  There are plenty of Fridays throughout the year that you can claim.  

Health and Career Lessons
If you haven't finished reviewing the LIVE Matrix, please finish this up this week.  
 We will embark on a short personal hygiene unit as we wait for the Lions Quest books to arrive from the publisher.  This week the focus is on handwashing.  Here is a link to some useful information that can be used for handouts or overheads:
You could start with this interesting news article by the CBC that reports on the poor handwashing habits of Canadians:
 CBS News Report
 Then, move on to...
Why Should I Wash My Hands?  is all about the importance of hand washing in the prevention of the spread of infection.
When to wash and how to wash outlines when we should wash and how to wash
Handwashing Poster is a visual guide to hand washing.
Students can learn about how to wash their hands and then either make a hand washing poster or colour copies of the poster included here.