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Sunday, January 11, 2015

In TAG January 12-19

Upcoming Events
Fri 23 January Hat and Shades Day hosted by Rohl/Shannik
Fri 23 January End of Term 2
Fri 30 January Hawaiian Day hosted by McRae

How About Sponsoring a Theme Day?
There are plenty of Fridays available in the new year for any TAG classes who would like to plan and sponsor a theme day.  Even if you've already planned a day, it's a great way to keep you kids engaged in promoting community and school spirit.  Have a look at the Zimbra calendar, pick a day, plan a theme, and let us know about it. Check out the list at the bottom of this post for theme day ideas.

Lions Quest this week...
Here is a copy of the tentative delivery schedule:
2014-2015 Lions Quest Delivery Schedule

On the schedule for this week:

Week 7
Jan 12-16
Unit 1 Entering the Teen Years
Lesson 8: Positive Values: Guideposts for Living
Unit 4 Improving Peer Relationships
Lesson 7: ASK Three Steps to Stand Up for Self

Theme Day Ideas to Consider...
* Ugly/Shirt and Tie Day 
* Garbage Day (Outfits designed out of plastic garbage bags)  
* Safety Gear Day (helmets, flotation devices, knee pads, orange vests, etc) 
* Black/White Day  
* Superhero Day 
* Fake an Injury Day  
* Men-At-Work/Construction Day 
* Celebrity Day 
* PJ/Flannel Day 
* Hat Day  
* Surf, Snow, & Sun Day 
* Extreme Weather/Weather Disaster Day (Rain gear, crazy hair, flashlight, etc) 
* Toga Day 
* Fashion Disaster Day 
* Watch Out for the Flood Day (rolled up pants?)
* Imitate a Staff Member Day   
* Sunglasses Day 
* Little Kid Day 
* Hillbilly Day 
* Stuffed Animal Day   
* "Dress Up" Dress-up Day 
* Backwards Yad 
* Weekly Dress Theme: SALAD DRESSING WEEK (two or more TAGs could plan this one)
      -Thousand Island (Caribbean/Hawaiian) 
      -Ranch (Cowboy) 
      -Blue Cheese (Blue) 
      -Ceaser (Togas and sandals) 
      -French (Berets and fashionable clothes) 
      -House Dressing (School Colors)