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Sunday, January 18, 2015

In TAG Feb 19-23

Upcoming Events
Fri 23 January Hat and Shades Day hosted by Rohl/Shannik
Fri 23 January End of Term 2
Fri 30 January Hawaiian Day hosted by McRae

Lions Quest this week...
Here is a copy of the tentative delivery schedule:
2014-2015 Lions Quest Delivery Schedule

On the schedule for this week:

Week 8
Jan 19-23
Unit 1 Entering the Teen Years
Lesson 9: Making Sense of Adolescence
Unit 4 Improving Peer Relationships
Lesson 9: Handling Conflict in Friendships

Lions Quest NEXT week...
Starting next week, we will begin our sexual health unit in grades 8/9 classes.  I will be organizing materials this week and ensuring that all TAG teachers have copies of the units to cover over the next eight weeks.  Please watch your email and listen to announcements for more information.

How About Sponsoring a Theme Day?
There are plenty of Fridays available in the new year for any TAG classes who would like to plan and sponsor a theme day.  Even if you've already planned a day, it's a great way to keep you kids engaged in promoting community and school spirit.  Have a look at the Zimbra calendar, pick a day, plan a theme, and let us know about it. Check out the list at the bottom of this post for theme day ideas.

Theme Day Ideas to Consider...
* Ugly/Shirt and Tie Day 
* Garbage Day (Outfits designed out of plastic garbage bags)  
* Safety Gear Day (helmets, flotation devices, knee pads, orange vests, etc) 
* Black/White Day  
* Superhero Day 
* Fake an Injury Day  
* Men-At-Work/Construction Day 
* Celebrity Day 
* PJ/Flannel Day 
* Hat Day  
* Surf, Snow, & Sun Day 
* Extreme Weather/Weather Disaster Day (Rain gear, crazy hair, flashlight, etc) 
* Toga Day 
* Fashion Disaster Day 
* Watch Out for the Flood Day (rolled up pants?)
* Imitate a Staff Member Day   
* Sunglasses Day 
* Little Kid Day 
* Hillbilly Day 
* Stuffed Animal Day   
* "Dress Up" Dress-up Day 
* Backwards Yad 
* Weekly Dress Theme: SALAD DRESSING WEEK (two or more TAGs could plan this one)
      -Thousand Island (Caribbean/Hawaiian) 
      -Ranch (Cowboy) 
      -Blue Cheese (Blue) 
      -Ceaser (Togas and sandals) 
      -French (Berets and fashionable clothes) 
      -House Dressing (School Colors)