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Monday, November 30, 2015


Upcoming Holiday Theme Days

Friday 4 December - Sports theme - Hosted by Mr. Coleman’s TAG
Tuesday 15 December - Red and Green Day
Wednesday 16 December - Holiday Hat Day
Thursday 17 December - Ugly Holiday Sweater Day
Friday 18 December - Christmas Assembly in the afternoon

12 Days of Christmas
As you might already know, the “12 Days of Christmas” performance is kind of a big deal at the Brock Christmas Assembly.  Instructions for your TAGs are in your mailboxes now.  Leadership students have been assigned in or to your TAGs to hold the sign and lead your TAG in its performance.  We encourage you to be enthusiastic and creative (costumes, props, ?).  Please see Gillis if you have any questions.

Shopping Cart Parade
When: Thursday, December 3rd this week in G block.  
Time: It will start after lunch with carts coming to the cafeteria at 12:30.  
The route: DOES NOT GO through the centre hallway (WIN and FN room).

One leadership student from your class as well as two cart pushers should accompany the cart. (Upstairs carts will be brought down on the lift during E block).  

Once carts are assembled in the cafeteria, G block classes will be asked to line the hallways to observe the parade.  Upstairs classes will assemble in the main hallway (between the gym and the library) and the main entrance.  
After the parade, leadership students as well as cart pushers will help to strip down the carts and sort the food in the cafeteria.

TAG Lessons and Activities

One Binder - Page Set-up

Social Skills for Middle Schoolers

Most are under 2,000 words;  included is an approximate word count where.They're also a refreshing change for an avid reader who wants a break from longer works. These stories offer a complete reading experience with great economy of words.

Christmas Crafts

Large Ball template
Medium Ball template
Small Ball template

DIY Paper Christmas Tree