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Sunday, October 4, 2015


Upcoming events

Oct 9    Pyjama day - Wasylik

Oct 16   Brock Blue - Stewart's Leadership class
Oct 12  Thanksgiving
Oct 23  PD day
Nov 13  Paravantes
Nov 27  Dress as an Athlete day - Hafeli 

This month's theme: LEADERSHIP (L.I.V.E. matrix)

The values of  L E A D E R S H I P  (according to the poster)

  • use positive language, cooperate and use manners
  • be inclusive
  • keep our school clean
  • listen while others are talking
  • make healthy choices
  • pick up litter
  • appreciate and focus on presentations
  • ask appropriate/respectful questions

This site has short, easy and direct teaching lessons to teach the social skills we want to teach this month and beyond.  It is broken down into columns - Prerequisite (skills) and then Skills in the classroom, with peers and then adults. Many of the lessons start with some role playing and then discussion, while others have a small art activity or reflection component.

LITTER pick up

Demonstrating leadership at the school level includes keeping our school clean.  Take some time to head out with your TAG class at least once during your designated week to pick up litter in our school yard.

Oct 6- 9      All grade 7 TAGs
Oct 13-16   Adams, Bloom, Cimmarusti, Hendry, McCormack, Paravantes
Oct 19-22   Brown, Blair, Coleman, Hafeli, Silver, Wasylik
Oct 26-30   Bubela, Bonderud, Chow, Dorais, Rasmussen

Movies to Inspire

*On the Way to School (Netflix)
Chasing Mavericks
Eight Below

* Note: Netflix will not work on the Thin Client computers

Growth Mindset
Growth Mindset Animation (YouTube)


Middle School titles

Middle School reads



21 Scary Halloween Short Stories