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Sunday, June 7, 2015

In TAG June 8-12

Upcoming Events

Fri 12 June Grade 9s visit NorKam 10:15-12:00
Fri 19 June Whole School BBQ and last day of classes
Fri 19 June 8:30-11:45 Leadership training for grade 8s
Mon 22 June - Wed 24 June "I" Days
Thurs 25 June Report card distribution and Awards assembly
Fri 26 June Staff breakfast and last day

Officially, yearbooks are sold out.  The reality is that I have about 5 books set aside in case there are any issues that need to be sorted out.  Once I'm sure that everyone who purchased a book as received theirs, then I will release the last few to be sold.  There is a list started in the office for students who are in line to purchase, but I think it's already longer than the number of leftovers.  

Start locker clean outs 
It's never too early to start cleaning out lockers.  The library is looking for their books, teachers are getting ready to collect textbooks, and the heat is warming up those old lunches buried below the rubble.  Consider an early locker clean out before the big one. 

Lions Quest for the LAST week... !
Here is a copy of the delivery schedule:
2014-2015 Lions Quest Delivery Schedule

If you are interested in supplementing the Lion's Quest materials, there are packages of magazines available in the TAG Resources closet upstairs.  These can be signed out and used by TAG classes.  

Week 26
Jun 8-12
Sexual Health
Year 1 Unit 6: Making Healthy Choices