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Monday, February 9, 2015

In TAG Feb 10-13

Upcoming Events
Tues 10 February- Steal-A-Heart Day
Wed 11 February- Sweatheart Fair in the gym at lunch
Fri 13 February Red,White and Pink Day 
Thurs 19 February Early Dismissal
Fri 20 February Pro-D Day

Valentines Week
Tuesday is Steal-A-Heart Day.  Boys get the hearts and girls try to steal them.
Wednesday is the Sweat Heart Fair in the gym at lunch.  Admission is $1.  Popcorn and Cotton candy will be sold inside.  Games are included in admission costs.
Thursday and Friday bake sale sponsored by the Yearbook class.
Friday is Red and Pink Day 

Lions Quest this week...
Here is a copy of the tentative delivery schedule:

On the schedule for this week:

Week 11
Feb 9-13
Unit 2: Building Self-Confidence and Communication Skills
Lesson 2: Sharing Successes
Sexual Health unit continues